Schüco - FWS 50

Schüco - FWS 50

Schueco FWS 50 / FWS 60 mullion/transom façade combines simple fabrication with high energy efficiency to passive house standard

The Schueco Façade FWS 50 / FWS 60 sets new standards of fabrication and energy efficiency. The focus of the development of the tried-and-tested systems was particularly the optimisation of fabrication in the workshop and on the construction site. New prepared system components ensure, for example in the workshop, much faster and therefore more efficient fabrication processes.

The Schueco FWS 50 / FWS 60 façade provides architects with a diverse range of design options – including the passive house-certified SI version – in the popular face widths.

New system components streamline in particular the fabrication processes on the construction site: for example, the innovative building attachment system that ensures reliable fabrication through the elimination of interfaces.

Very heavy panes will be even easier to fabricate in future thanks to the new range of glazing supports, and will retain the same high level of load transfer.

A new cable guidance system now guarantees the metal fabricator the safe integration of electrical components in the mullion/transom façade.